What Others Are Saying

“I have a whole new approach to our volunteer program!”
Colleen Reddy St. Mark Catholic Church, Shoreline,WA

“Most Enjoyable!”
Sandra Rockenfield WA Society of CPA’s

“Truly Motivated me to motivate others”
Eloise Abernathy , Spelman College

“Great! I liked the small audience and personal attention to our questions.”
Karen Perkins Humble School District, Texas

“I will recommend this training to many people.”
Lorraine Taylor, (CASA) Court Appointed Special Advocates

“Enjoyed meeting other professionals”
Carol McCann, Portland VA Medical Center

“Extremely eye-opening, upbeat, not a dull moment!”
Marsha Lipton, Carlsbad (CA) Senior Center

“Great! I wish I would have had this information years ago!”
Nancy Brooks, Oregon City Police Dept.

“It’s been vital to learn ways how to cultivate and care for our volunteers that I never would’ve known, but now do.”
Beth Posanke, Habitat for Humanity

“Wonderful, I learned a lot and also realized that I have been stumped on working with volunteers when it involves simple steps for success”
Louann Phillips, Burton Barr Central Library, Phoenix, AZ

“…excellent seminar with good ideas I can take home!”
Tom Knipp, USA Wrestling

“Great seminar and great instructor…really enjoyed it!”
Kim Winstel, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

“Truly Motivated me to motivate others”
Eloise Abernathy, Spelman College

“We are excited by this program and pleased to have you as an invaluable resource.”
Angela M. Perry, Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce

“You had us riveted from the introduction to the ending, with some great humor and insights in between!”
Leslie Nye, DeVry University

“Your talk on positive strategies was phenomenal and will leave an impact that will change many of our lives in the years to come.”
Bertha Cochran, Timothy Jones Foundation Inc.

“The upbeat tone of your presentation was a terrific way to end the evening.”
Barbara Fleck, St. John’s Retirement Village, Inc.

“Your encouraging words and thought-provoking examples were certainly appreciated.”
Steven M. Ladd, Superintendent, Elk Grove Unified School District

“Your discussion regarding the generational differences of various groups of cohorts was incredibly interesting. We all enjoyed the description of each of the groups and I believe it raised our awareness of the true necessity of really creating four very different types of programs to appeal to our constituency base.”
Kim R. Gannon, Cal Poly Alumni Association

“Your recent seminar at our national conference in Chicago brought raves. Our evaluations showed no negatives! That is truly a first for our membership. Our rooms were set up for 225 attendees and we estimate over 500 attendees heard your message.”
Joy Nicholls, Assistance League National

“I was fully engaged throughout your 3 1/2 hour training session in San Juan, Puerto Rico on “Giving Better Presentations.” You are so dynamic and interactive with the audience that everyone, without exception, walked away with new skills to prepare for their next presentations.”
Shirley Pierini, ASIS International

“Your information was of great value and we greatly appreciated your enthusiasm for your subject and the way it was presented.”
Kenneth M. Metcalf, Kiwanis International

“Your leadership presentation to the Board of Directors was everything we could have asked for. You were inspiring, informative and so enthusiastic. You accomplished our mission and the attendees were impressed, energized and empowered for the entire weekend.”
Cathy Levering, Sacramento District Dental Association

“You hit our 500 frontline alumni leaders with a good mix of data and trends about volunteering, along with some excellent practical tips regarding how to think about and how to handle the volunteer challenges they face.”
Jeff Brenzel, Yale University

“We appreciate you sharing your message and look forward to employing you in the future to educate and motivate our volunteers.”
John D. Newstreet, The American Legion

“Thank you for your participation as the keynote speakrrt for the UC Davis Volunteer Leadership Conference. The delegates were very excited about your presentation and all gave you exceptional ratings on our conference evaluation.”
Gaylene Miller, University of California, Davis

“The time and expertise you put into developing your presentation at our International Conference in Chicago truly paid off as overall evaluations were very positive.”
Donnell Bullock, Ronald McDonald House Charities

“The information you provided was extremely practical and helpful. Your presentation was highly rated. A big mahalo to you!”
Ivette Rodriguez Stern, University of Hawaii Center on the Family