Seven Secrets to a Professional Presentation

So, you want to be a better speaker. You’ve been giving presentations for some time now, and you are one of those fortunate people who enjoy speaking to groups. You’ve had good feedback, and many compliments, so you are thinking about improving your skills. So what steps should you take? These seven secrets to professional speaking will give you a strong start.

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The ability to persuade and excite an audience is a valuable skill- one you may not think you have. But like any other skill, it can be learned. All it takes is a little practice, a lot of determination, and a few of these secrets. This program will give you advice on pulling off a crowd-pleasing, award-worthy performance.

Do you ever…

  • Get nervous when presenting?
  • Lose your train of thought while speaking?
  • Wish you were more persuasive?

The ability to deliver a clear, organized, and persuasive presentation in a comfortable and confident manner is essential to coaches. If you deliver presentations at meetings or conferences to clients, colleagues, or boards, this program is for you!
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This program will include:

  • Starting Strong and Finishing Even Stronger
  • Controlling your fears
  • How to not kill your audience with bullets
  • The three P’s of speaking: Presence, Pause, and Punch
  • Understand the need to practice, practice and then practice
  • Learn how to handle Q & A