Most Requested Topics

Program #1 – Getting and Keeping Great Members

A talk that reveals exactly how to get and keep those good association members. This program will show you how to initiate a new membership recruiting program or enhance the success of an existing one.
This presentation is geared to help you:

  • Learn the magic formula for recruiting new asociation members.
  • Find out where to look for new members.
  • Find out who is responsible for recruiting prospects.
  • Learn how to recruit a diverse volunteer force.
  • Learn ten reasons why people join your association.
  • Find out why people do not join.
  • Understand the sales tools for recruiting.

This program Will Show You How To Initiate a New Membership Recruiting Program or Enhance the Success Of an Existing One.

Program #2 – Understanding Generational Differences

Want to reach the most connected generation of volunteers in history?
First, you need to understand what makes them different and what makes them tick. Today’s 18-to-40-year-olds make for a notoriously elusive group of members.
In Today’s business and professional world, 4 generations work together. Yet, most associations founded to be representative of business and professionals in every community, is dominated by only 2 of these generations. This program is meant to give you insights that will be necessary to recruit and retain the younger men and women we need for our future to build our bench strength. But, it will also provoke thinking about how associations may need to make changes
and accommodations to attract and retain this talent.
It’s not fair to say this generation is selfish. For one thing, Gen X/Y volunteering has risen in the past decade. As long as time spent volunteering does not conflict with other goals. These generations finds fulfillment in helping others. They want to make a difference. But they want to do it in their own way.

Program #3 – Fundraising 101

What goes on in the minds of people when the word “fundraising” is mentioned? Why does all their excitement suddenly disappear when they are confronted with even the idea of fundraising?
This program lays out a clear series of simple steps that will help your members see a new perspective on gaining sponsorships and raise money. We will point out that not all members are very good at, much less willing to do, solicitation. However, those members can and should play other, very supportive roles.
Any donations to your organization is an investment in the community that you serve. Sponsors do not give to your organization because your organization has needs; they give because it meets community needs.


Program #4 – Present Like a Pro

Do you ever get nervous when presenting or lose your train of thought while speaking? Do you wish you were more persuasive?  The ability to deliver a clear, organized and persuasive presentation in a comfortable and confident manner is essential to many careers. If you deliver presentations at meetings or conferences to clients, colleagues or boards, this presentation is for you.  This program will illustrate that the key to a great presentation is having  excellent material. It will help yo to plan ahead by conducting solid, scholarly research and developing key takeaways for your audience. Key techniques in organizing your material in advance to ensure that you can thoroughly move through key points  and set aside adequate time for questions at the end.


Program #5 – Travel Like a Pro

Secrets that  professional travelers DO NOT want you to know.

Traveling can be a stressful.  After traveling to 30 airports in 30 days, visited 14 States, and stayed 26 nights at different hotels I gathered info that will be useful the next time you travel. Traveling for work or pleasure can be both an exhilarating, horizon-broadening experience and a stressful ordeal. But do a little prep work and follow a few rules, and you can minimize the hassles of business travel. This presentation will have you traveling like a pro!

You will see the insider secrets of that pro traveler requires to produce a fun, exciting travel lifestyle. We will look at how to stay healthy on the road without breaking your per diem. We will explore using airline status and elite programs to get priority on everything that flies. You will understand the techniques of using the internet rather than travel agents to book everything in advance and even gather points and miles as a bonus.

This program will help you jet through time zones without feeling the effects, combining personal and business travel, and make the most of those hard-earned frequent flyer miles. A look at buying airfares at the lowest cost using the airline internet strategies. Understanding how the hotel industry works against the business traveler and how to upset their system. The strange workings of the rental car industry and how to second guess their system. This program will save you money, time and head aches in your professional travel planning. A program for both the travel pro and the new kid just starting their new life on the road.


Program #6 – How to Make Money in the Seminar Business

Seminars are the school of the future for all business thinkers. in the past you went to a class that ran 18 weeks, much of which seemed like filler material, but today a short seminar gives you all the essentials. You are the person who is the expert and this is your opportunity to earn a strong income teaching what you know to others.

The seminar business has changed in the past few years as all of higher education has become a new venue. Many online programs and private universities are moving into the traditional higher education arena. The seminar is an accepted method of gaining new knowledge and it is done in both virtual and on-site environments.

This program will help you identify your best topics and it will help you find the best marketing ideas to allow you to fill your seminar room. It will suggest back of the room information products that will double your daily take-home pay.